Powerful over Long Distances

SteelBelt conveyor belts for transport of loose and lump materials over long distances and under arduous conditions. Small elongation under load and low transversal stiffness (good adaptibility to conveyor bed) make them suitable for arduous conditions.

The carcass is a high-strengh steel cord placed in one plane embedded in the rubber safeguarding the perfect joint of upper and lower cover layer. Such a structure provides for high performance and resistance of the conveyor belt.

Standard line from ST1000 to ST5000 with a belt width of 800 - 2400 mm. Rubber covers protect carcass of the conveyor belt against outdoor climate conditions and mechanical damage. They must be resistant to aggressive action of transported materials and environment. In addition, they protect the conveyor belt carcass against abrasive effect of rollers and drums. SteelBelts are produced according to DIN 22131, X,Y,W grade

Use of cover grades in relation to the kind of transported material:
M (X) - conveying of abrasive, angular, heavy and great lump-sized materials
N (Y) - conveying of slightly abrasive, granular materials
NAA (W) - conveying of very abrasive materials of smaller lumpiness